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Clients Love Us!

We love what we do and the incredible families and children we meet along the way. From all walks of life and with a diverse set of challenges and opportunities, we’re truly grateful to be part of their story and success.

Our team is humbled and motivated by the kind words left below, yet continuously explore ways to improve as we grow.

Something I May Not Ever Be Able To Fully Describe

“As I sit here today, my son is playing with his action figures in imaginary play, making up a story for the toys to act out. Not just content, but expressively a happy child. A year ago, I was concerned he wouldn't be able to have imaginary play... What they (Liz and Meg) have done for my son and my family is something I may not ever be able to fully describe! The dedication and love they each have for what they are doing, in addition to who they are working with come through each and every session! Marycate, you have put together a group of therapists, but to us they will always be more! “ - MF.

I Feel So Lucky That Farren Was Assigned To Be My Son’s BSC

“I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the services my son is receiving from his team at GAMUT... I feel so lucky that Farren was assigned to be my son's BSC. “ - Abby G.

Just the Right Balance of Learning, Boundaries and Fun

“She (Ali) is an amazing teacher and provides just the right balance of learning, boundaries and fun!” - Alysia S.

I Highly Recommend Marycate

“Marycate is a wonderful behavior analyst. She has an excellent relationship with children and the families that she services. She keeps detailed documentation of her work and is adept at interpreting her work for her clients. I highly recommend Marycate.” - Joanne P., Executive Director ECAS

Countless Tactics, Pointers and Suggestions

“Marycate has been working with our son for almost a year.  She has tailored a behavioral program to specifically meet his needs, including those of our family.  She has offered us countless tactics, pointers and suggestions to help us help him. Without her expertise, our son would not be where he is today!  Marycate has always maintained an air of professionalism but has also managed to keep everything fun and interesting.” - Megan H.

Always Bringing New Strategies to the Table

“Liz is amazing and is always bringing new strategies to the table to get my son to succeed... I know that it is almost an impossibility to have such a strong team and my husband and I are truly grateful.” - Julie G.

I Can’t Say Thank You Enough

“Thank you so much for coming into my son's school. I just wanted to let you know how proud you should be of his team... I see improvement with my son in school and at home. We have all worked well together and I can't say thank you enough.” - Nicholle L.

So Appreciative to GAMUT

“My husband and I have been so appreciative to GAMUT... We also appreciate the mutually respectful relationship that Donald and his team have cultivated and established in our day-to-day working relationship.” - YA.

Thank You For Caring For Our Most Prized Possession

“The support provided came in the form of care, one-on-one attention, daily updates, and most appreciated—conversations that helped to guide my husband and I through the process and how to address our issues and concerns. Thank you for caring for our most prized possession.” - Karen T.

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