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Gamut Early Intervention Services
A Delay Doesn't Have to Feel Like a Dead End

Gamut Early Intervention Services PA

Help your child - and yourself - succeed with training from GAMUT.

To a parent, a child’s developmental delay can be scary, confusing, and discouraging. But to the child, it is a hurdle that can be overcome with the right instruction and help. At GAMUT, we work with both children and their parents, helping the family discover their personal challenges and giving them the tools to push through them.

We specialize in helping children aged 18 months through school age.

Meet Our Happy Clients

“As I sit here today, my son is playing with his action figures in imaginary play, making up a story for the toys to act out. Not just content, but expressively a happy child. A year ago, I was concerned he wouldn't be able to have imaginary play... What they (Liz and Meg) have done for my son and my family is something I may not ever be able to fully describe! The dedication and love they each have for what they are doing, in addition to who they are working with come through each and every session! Marycate, you have put together a group of therapists, but to us they will always be more! “ - MF.

“I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the services my son is receiving from his team at GAMUT... I feel so lucky that Farren was assigned to be my son's BSC. “ - Abby G.

“She (Ali) is an amazing teacher and provides just the right balance of learning, boundaries and fun!” - Alysia S.

Completely Custom Programs

We start by conducting a personalized assessment of your child that looks at their developmental, educational, and behavioral progress and delays. Using Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) techniques, we then create a path to improvement and independence. Not only do we teach your children how to conquer everyday obstacles, we teach your entire family. This allows for growth and learning to occur long after the therapists have gone.